Site Progress of the ICANN at Large Website

On February 27, 2002 the finished work was the signup page, the outline for the community Forum and the back-end database.

In the first week of March, the Funding Page was made to display a running balance of all pledges at signup and a running balance of the website cost. An additional view of the registered members (by country) was added on March 10.

Statements and links to statements have been added to the Statements page.

The Regional, History, Links, Funding, and Voting Pages have all been updated. A Candidate Page will be added and linked to the Voting page to give all candidates opportunity to use the website to campaign.

The logo has been altered after the Board’s resolution in Accra and the addition is subject to a Poll in the Forum. At the same time the home page has been updated and the quote from Chuck Costello (ALSC vice chair) has been added.

All area’s are a work in progress and your participation is welcomed. Post your idea’s in the Forum under “site progress”.

The Forum now has the following separate area’s: The First Elections, Nominations and Seconds (closed), Charter, General, Site Progress, Statements, Funding, Regional, About this Forum, ACCRA meeting (closed), Best Practices for Icannatlarge and ICANN reform.

When a Bank Account has been established and a Treasurer is in place,
the website will be enhanced with a credit card payment option and a micro-payment facility.

Updated the site and fixed broken links

Last update 03 August, 2016